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  1. they won’t give it to you. they’ll do two things. first, they tell you it’s copyright protected, because it is. I had to spend 400$ to get some of the materials from the publishers. the teachers can’t even see the “facilitator” guide. that’s the part that shows you how to spot pockets of potential resistance and separate them, how to isolate dissenters, how to publicly shame teachers. next, they’ll tell you it’s “a lot of papers” at 25 cents per page and then they’ll tell you it will require redaction, which is labor hours, and then they’ll send you a bill for thousands of dollars. our school board has shut down public comment ahead of the third phase of “the work.” this year they get middle schoolers and high schoolers who have already demonstrated their commitment to social justice to go on a retreat called YES – Youth Equity Stewardship. Then they come back to become “cultural ambassadors and agents of change” in their schools. The wackadoos who run the YES experience say “and when we say stewardship, we mean activism… we need to get these kids out in the streets.” I have the whole thing transcribed (the DVD portion, which is where the nastiness hides) and all the materials. I just need more ways to get it out there. the only sites that will even listen are far right sides that don’t care about the material they just want the political win. we could use some help here in the middle of Kansas if you have any ideas. our school board election is in 2 months.

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